Potato Starch; a formidable Resistant Starch

Just a quick update to my article on Superfoods Every Day, we have started to add  Potato Starch to our daily Superfood regime.  Potato Starch is a powerful Resistant Starch or Prebiotic.

Resistant starches ‘resist’ digestion by the human body.  Instead they become food for our Microbiome’s (as discussed further in our article titled “You’re Only 10% Human”).  As summarized in this article titled “Resistant Starch 101 – Everything You Need to Know”, there are two types of Resistant Starches:  Type 1 is found in grains, seeds and legumes and resists digestion because it is bound within fibrous cell walls; and Type 2 is found in some starchy foods, including raw potatoes and green (unripe) bananas.  These Resistant Starches have powerful health benefits, as very graphically demonstrated in this video called “The Hungry Microbiome:  why resistant starch is good for you”.


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