Politicizing Food

Sin Tax is no new concept, but seems to be ever more in vogue.

I’ve read recently that certain jurisdictions around the world are considering taxes on things like soda (as highlighted in this article).  Soda is full of chemicals and is better for cleaning toilets than quenching thirst, so I agree that people should not drink it.  I used to have one every now and then, but I can’t stand the metallic taste anymore.  Once you start eating and drinking real food, it’s hard to go back to these highly processed non-foods.

But I do have a beef, so speak, with Governments trying to legislate their version of health.  What message does it say when they try to control the behavior of populations through tax?   Are they saying they know better?   Are they saying that they know what I should and should not eat or drink?

I will decide for myself, thank you.  I certainly don’t need a Government that caters to special interests and subsidizes corn, promotes genetically modified crops and agri-business.

You want to improve the health of your population?  Promote education about health and nutrition.  Support local farmers who are growing fruits and vegetables and raising animals in a natural, organic way that is free from chemicals.  Promote research into organic farming and understanding of the complex relationship between humans and microbes.

People need to understand that 90% of the items in the grocery store should not be considered food.  They need to understand how to make better food choices to improve their health, quality of life and longevity.  We need to understand the power of natural foods instead of succumbing to our own arrogance and thinking we can create superior nourishment for our bodies than nature.

It’s time to change the dialogue.  The question is how.





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