Fake honey: is nothing sacred?

Why I am shocked by these things anymore I don’t know, but this was yet another wake-up call to me today.  In short, the vast majority of honey sold in supermarkets today is not real honey; it is honey-flavoured corn syrup, as discussed in this article by the Food Renegade titled “Your Honey Isn’t Honey”.

While i have never intended these articles to become a tirade, this kind of behaviour related to food – things that are going to be placed in our bodies – is simply unacceptable.  For me, this is an issue of trust.  It is unconscionable for an individual or organisation that is sellimg what it purports to be “food” to intentionally deceive to sell cheap rubbish that is frankly poison (as discussed in my article titled “Why Processed Foods are Harmful”).  We will spend some time exposing further foods that have been adulterated in this way.  Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that we cannot trust the commercial food industry, food distributors, supermarket chains, government organisations responsible for the safety of our food, the pharmaceutical industry, and even the healthcare industry, to act in the best interests of our health.  In part we are to blame.  If we keep buying these kinds of foods, we will continue to get more of the same.  As consumers, we need take an active role in demanding clean, unadulterated foods that will contribute to our health.  If we do not vote with our actions, there will not be change.  People also need to be realistic that eating in this way is not the cheapest or most convenient approach.  We discuss this issue more in our article titled “How to eat healthy in a modern world”.

The best way to make sure you’re getting real honey is to purchase it from a local farmer that produces it.


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