Stop Industrial Food Production

Some stories set me off like a rocket.  Many stories to be honest, but today this article titled “Rash of Foodborne Outbreaks Highlight Dangers of Industrialized Food System” has been the catalyst.

The link I clicked through to get to the article was titled “3 Foods You Should Steer Clear Of”.  The headline implied that eating things like spinach and broccoli could lead to outbreaks of E-Coli or Staph infections.  Bullshit.  Where do these things come from?  They come from industrial farms that breed animals in inhumane conditions and feed them an un-natural diet.  What happens to a cow after you feed it a corn diet?  It gets E-Coli.  So what do these assholes do to get rid of the E-Coli?  They give it antibiotics to kill the E-Coli.  Then when they slaughter the animal, they hose it down with a chlorine solution just in case anything is still living there.  Oh ya, and they pump it full of growth hormones to make them bigger.  Then when you eat the resulting meat, all that shit goes into your body.

Oh, and while the animal is crammed into its pen eating its corn and pissing and shitting, all that gets hosed out and down into the water system.  E-Coli and all.  Then some neighbouring farmer sprays that on their spinach and broccoli fields and voila, it spreads E-Coli and Staph.

Why do we keep doing this?




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