The Problem with CAFOs

The article titled “Bad News for Factory Farming” highlights the problems with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

As with other “innovations” in the delivery of our food, CAFOs are a innovation of the commercial food industry.  CAFOs make sense from an investment perspective as they maximize the yield of “consumable food” per acre, per investment dollar and per animal.  As a businessman, I can appreciate the strategy, but unfortunately it falls down in that the CAFO strategy is a threat to the health of its customers.  How many businesses can continue to operate despite the fact that it threatens the health of the customers it intends to target?  Unfortunately, there are lots of other examples; tobacco, alcohol and FMCG to name a few.

Not that I’ve looked, but I’m sure there are plenty of materials that defend the practices of the commercial food industry related to CAFOs.  However, one has to bear in mind that the commercial food industry commits substantial resources to promote itself and its practices, and lobby governments on its behalf.



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