Olives = Power Food

Olives, for me, were one of those foods that were a bit of an acquired taste over my lifetime.  As a kid, I certainly was not craving them.  Although my Dad always put sliced black olives from a can on our homemade pizzas (which were a household favourite).

Like so many foods, you don’t truly begin to appreciate their beauty until you have them where they can be sourced naturally.  Olives certainly didn’t rise in my estimation until  I traveled to Spain, the South of France, Italy and Greece.

Besides just enjoying the taste of a good olive today in all its salty, savoury goodness, I find out now they are a power food!  In this article titled “Why You Should Eat Olives Every Day:  A Doctor Explains”, we learn that there are great health benefits to be derived from the 500 or so varieties of olives around the world.


Some of these benefits include:

  • They are an anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is a silent killer that I discussed in an earlier article.
  • They support cardiovascular health.
  • They’re great for your eyes and skin.
  • They keep you trim.
  • They give you more energy

So don’t be bashful about enjoying fresh, natural, unadulterated olives on a daily basis.  Preferably with a glass of red wine!


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