I’ve decided to post some of my favourite new paleo-friendly recipes.  Here is one of them. This simple recipe is tasty and powerful for your health.

This pan in the picture represents half a head of red cabbage, chopped into strips. You start by chopping 3 to 4 strips of bacon and cooking them in a big pan over a low flame.  You want to purchase bacon that is not full of additives and preservatives. After the fat from the bacon starts to come off into the pan, add one whole onion chopped into strips and cook until the bacon is a little crispy and the onion just begins to brown.  I sometimes add chopped mushrooms and garlic to the pan as well.  Next add the chopped cabbage and keep on low heat.  Next comes a bit of patience.  Keep cooking everything for about 20 minutes or more.  Stir the mixture every couple minutes and keep cooking and stirring until the cabbage becomes soft.  It should not be crunchy when done.




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