My goal is to create an accessible, easy to understand resource for people interested in improving the health of themselves and their loved ones through food and other lifestyle choices.

The structure of the site is as follows:

  • ABOUT:  Provides instructions regarding how to use this resource.
  • PHILOSOPHY:  Talks about what we believe concerning living healthy through food and other lifestyle choices.  There are a lot of opinions on this subject.  Some are informed.  Some have a basis in science.  Some are underpinned by financial interests.  Our philosophy is underpinned by one central motivation:  living better, longer, happier, more fulfilling lives.  There is no agenda here beyond that.
  • ROADMAP:  This provides a simple, easy to understand list of things you can do to improve your health and that of your loved ones.  We will update this as our views change.
  • KNOWLEDGE BASE:  Provides links to further resources that we think are worth exploring if your time permits.
  • SUPPLIES:  Provides you information about how to buy the food and other things you will need to support the lifestyle we espouse on this site in your local area.  We will start with places that we know and seek to expand this over time with input from people around the world.

In the main body of the site, we provide articles and other information that explains why we believe what we do and why we make the recommendations that we do.  We are working to categorize these articles so that if you want to search for a particular topic you can do that as well, but this will take a bit more time.

Thank you for reading.  Enjoy!






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